South Downs Generations Project

School children to discover about past life on the South Downs

south downs generations project

The Friends of the South Downs is running an exciting project to help school children talk to older people and record their reminiscences about life on the South Downs.

The project, which is largely financed by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, involves children at four primary schools in Bury, Shipley, Findon and Chesswood in Worthing.
Some of the schools have log books recording daily events going back to Victorian times. These books will be a rich source of information about those times.

In addition we will use existing oral history records at County Record offices to get more information about life in times gone by.

What we find will be brought together and published on a website so that it’s available for everyone. We also intend to organise walks and other events that will illustrate the history that we uncover.

We’re sure that many readers will have interesting memories of the Downs and stories from the sixties and seventies will fascinate children of today.
Do please let us know what you remember: contact the Project Manager Chris Hare, at

visit south downs generations website