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Only 20% affordable homes in 210 homes development at Fernhurst

210 homes development given the go-ahead at the former Syngenta site, Henley Old Road, Fernhurst

Out of the 210 homes the National Park have given permission for 140 to have wood burning stoves! [Click image to go to committee report]
Our Society has always supported the principle of development for housing on the former ICI brownfield industrial site (more recently called Syngenta) site just outside the village of Fernhurst north of Midhurst. Along with Fernhurst Parish Council we have successfully campaigned for a continuous path to connect this site with the main village. There are a number of good features about this development, however we are very disappointed that the National Park has backed away from their commitment to affordable homes with only 20% being allocated for this site. The National Park also backed away from their commitment to tackle climate change and very strangely they have agreed to allow the developer to provide wood burning stoves in 140 of the houses. This was despite this site being specified as an ‘exemplar renewable energy’ site in the National Park Local Plan

This is contrary to a recent Statement by the Secretary of State for the Environment which said:  “Wood burning stoves and coal fires are the single largest source of the pollutant ‘PM2.5’, emitting twice the contribution of industrial combustion and three times the contribution of road transport. This form of pollution consists of tiny particles which penetrate deeply into our body, including lungs and blood, and has been identified by the World Health Organisation as the most serious air pollutant for human health”. See the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) statement: Government takes action to cut pollution from household burning

We objected to the inclusion of wood burning stoves in our comments submitted some months ago, as did Fernhurst Parish Council.

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