On-line talk by Stephanie West, the UK Biodiversity Training Manager at the Natural History Museum

The Friends of the South Downs held the first in a series of on-line talks, given by Stephanie West, UK Biodiversity Training Manager at the Natural History Museum.  Steph knows the South Downs well and shared both her love of the special landscape and her knowledge of the varied plant and animal life in the area.

Steph spoke about the natural history of the Downs, focussing on the contribution of the naturalist Gilbert White and his exploration of the flora and fauna of the Downs 300 years ago. White’s work contributed to the study of natural history as a whole and has enriched our understanding of how the Downs have changed over time. While White is best known for his study of the wildlife around his home in Selborne, Steph’s talk also followed his journeys across the Downs to his Aunt’s home in Ringmer.

This talk will inspire all age groups and you can now watch it below.