The Secret Shore (Book)

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Smuggling and Folklore in Sussex and Hampshire

An exciting new book by Chris Hare that spans two hundred years of myth and superstition will be published by the South Downs Society on 23rd November.

Two hundred years ago the coast of Sussex and Hampshire were alive with the illegal activities of local smuggling gangs. In this book, Chris recounts the real events of those days including the bloody confrontations that frequently took place between the smugglers and the authorities,.
This book also delves into the folklore of the south coast and contrasts a survey of local superstitions carried out by pioneering folklorist, Charlotte Latham in Sussex in 1868, with the findings of the Secret Shore folklore survey carried out in 2015.
The results may surprise you, as a good deal of the old beliefs in ghosts, omens and witchcraft, continue to linger in the 21st century.
The book is lavishly illustrated and will make ideal Christmas gift.

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