The Friends of the South Downs is owned and run by its members and there are many ways in which you can help.

We have many volunteering opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, skills and fitness levels; so, if you are able to give up some of your time to help us, you’ll meet many interesting and sociable people who really care and work hard to help protect the landscape and heritage of the South Downs.

We are almost totally reliant on our volunteers in helping us achieve our aims and objectives so anyone offering to become a volunteer is always made very welcome.

Here are some of the typical activities you can help us with:

Walks/strolls leaders

If you have local knowledge of the South Downs and are good at organising events you can help research and lead our annual programme of over 200 walks and strolls.

Trustees/Council members

If you want to be part of setting the strategic direction of the Society and making sure that its aims are achieved then you would be welcome as a Council member.
Council meets 4 times a year but in addition most members are active in other areas of the Society’s work.

Grants Officers

Help us gain grant funding for our work.

Area Access Officers

Help us ensure that our footpaths and bridleways remain open and accessible in a small area around where you live.

District Officers

Help us keep an eye on and comment on planning applications in your own locality.

Membership recruiters

Help us attract new members by assisting with a variety of recruitment activities.

Fundraising assistants

Keep your eyes and ears open in your local area for any opportunities to help raise funds for the Society.

Local recruiters

Nobody knows your own area better than you do. Help us to recruit new members by delivering membership leaflets to houses in your neighbourghood.

Outlet stockers

Take an active role in approaching various local outlets such as libraries, tea shops, community centres, etc. about displaying a supply of Society membership leaflets and then help to keep them stocked up.