News Updates

  • Clever Local Herds
    Out on a walk with my dog Ruby recently around the Mardens, at the west end of the South Downs, we stumbled across a shoot. Whilst their target was pheasant, […]
  • Easebourne/Langham Circular Walk
    This Easebourne/Langham circular walk is an easy walk starting either in Easebourne or at Langham Brewery and takes you through open fields with views of the South Downs and patches […]
  • We Need Volunteers
    Our campaign to create more awareness on plastic tree guards takes a hands-on approach in March 2022.  In partnership with Forestry England we are organising a clean-up of old tree […]
  • Ban Plastic Tree Guards 
    National Park campaigners call for a ban on plastic tree guards as Government considers banning other types of single-use plastic  Campaign for National Parks, Friends of the Dales, Friends of the South Downs […]
  • The Environment Act
    The Environment Act is the current version of the Environment Bill. This Bill should make provision about targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment; for statements and reports […]
  • New Heritage Website
    Within weeks of our ‘South Downs Schools Living History Project’ starting in January 2020, we were hit by Covid and the first lockdown. Given that the focus of this project […]
  • The English Christmas Mummer’s Play
    Normally, across Great Britain, from mid-November until Twelfth Night, you might be lucky enough to witness the performance of The English Christmas Mummer’s Play. “What is a Mummer?” you ask. […]
  • Strolling with the Romans
    Would you like to go strolling with the Romans, along the road from Noviomagnus to Londinium? Stane Street, the Roman road that ran from Chichester (Noviomagnus) to London, was originally […]
  • Poor Old Ivy
    Ivy has a bad name. Many folk believe that it is a damaging parasite that should be removed from our trees. Unfortunately, this is mostly incorrect. Poor Old Ivy is […]