News Updates

  • New Heritage Website
    Within weeks of our ‘South Downs Schools Living History Project’ starting in January 2020, we were hit by Covid and the first lockdown. Given that the focus of this project […]
  • The English Christmas Mummer’s Play
    Normally, across Great Britain, from mid-November until Twelfth Night, you might be lucky enough to witness the performance of The English Christmas Mummer’s Play. “What is a Mummer?” you ask. […]
  • Strolling with the Romans
    Would you like to go strolling with the Romans, along the road from Noviomagnus to Londinium? Stane Street, the Roman road that ran from Chichester (Noviomagnus) to London, was originally […]
  • Poor Old Ivy
    Ivy has a bad name. Many folk believe that it is a damaging parasite that should be removed from our trees. Unfortunately, this is mostly incorrect. Poor Old Ivy is […]
  • Coultershaw Beam Pump
    The Coultershaw Beam Pump is located in the South Downs National Park near Petworth. It is part of the Coultershaw Heritage Site, run and maintained by volunteers from the Coultershaw […]
  • Eton New Town
    In recent years, the Government has changed national planning policies and how it calculates the numbers of homes each area should aim to provide. Lewes District Council is currently looking […]
  • Pondtail Wood Albourne–SAVED!
    Triumph after tragedy! You may remember about 5 years ago a new owner of Pondtail Wood in Albourne created a local controversy. Without appropriate permission, he created a new access […]
  • National Parks and the Climate Emergency
    The Campaign for National Parks, of which we are a member, produced a report in June entitled National Parks and the Climate Emergency. It starts with the premise that the […]
  • Benches Project Update
    As you know, we are working to improve bench provision along the whole South Downs Way (SDW) because this was highlighted by members as being something that was sorely lacking. […]